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Based in NYC | NJ | PA

Hi, I am Alexander Dwek. I am an english born Acting Coach/Actor/Presenter/Public Speaker who comes from a background of entertainment. My father Carlo Dini is a famous tenor opera singer recognized worldwide as a celebrity working with legends such as Barbra Streisand, Sammy Davis Jr., The Rat Pack, Don Rickles; he is on the roster with Luciano Pavarotti & Placido Domingo. I represented Mobile Media Group & The Bar Network for 4 years, also presenting as an Executive Field Manager for top clients such as Zenith Media, Viacom, Bloomingdales, Verizon Wireless & The Trump Marina. After studying the craft of acting in Herbert Berghof Studio in NYC, I studied under Actors Jessie Osuna & Austin Pendleton, and learned the psychology of acting under a scholarship for 4 years, also studying in Brookdale College (NJ) & in Middlesex University (UK) for Business & Sociology.


To begin, I offer the first class free at a studio in NY or NJ. I will give you the opportunity to learn the importance of 'Physical Life' as well as 'Audition Preparation.' I'm known by many within the industry from professional Actors to Casting Directors, Agents and Managers. I will get you a Manager & Agent. I have worked with many high profile clients around the world on various projects - Everything from Film/TV/Theatre to Commercial Promotions/ Presentations/ Communications. From Actors/ Doctors/ Lawyers to Corporate. I’ve coached coaches from Dale Carnegie, as well as one of my mentors, Dr. Leff,  a Professor I continue to admire & learn from, Harvard Graduate and Columbia University professor for 25 years. He also currently works with me on Physical Life.

Some Celebrity Clientele

Ian Ziering

Alexander Dwek on NJ Arson Attack WPIX11



Alexander Dwek & his daughter Maya Rose Dwek are featured on WPIX11's Help me Howard, Maya Rose is a 7 year old girl & she can't walk or talk, Doctor's are finding it difficult to find a solution or even a diagnosis,

Alexander Dwek & Maya Rose WPIX 11 News

Alex Dwek CW Ft. Maya Rose Follow Up Update

After the first feature 3 months ago & after Receiving a ton of responses from all around the world, The CW wanted to do a follow up update story showing the progression of 7 year old Maya Rose as well as take a moment to thank all of it's viewers for sending hundreds of e-mails & reaching out to help Maya, Special thanks to All the CW Viewers, Allen Levine, Howard Thompson , CW Team & Cameron Reinhart.

Alexander Dwek speak's out on the hate crime investigation, regarding an Arson Attack in NJ, He demonstrates that a simple item such as the Yamakha would be a trigger for the hate crimes as well as racial discrimination,

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Gilbert Gottfried

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Alex Dwek Ft. Maya Rose Update CW Pix 11 Oct 06


Single parent Alex Dwek is featured with disabled daughter (With a mystery diagnosis) on the Pix 11 News, Howard Thompson hopes that someone out there may be able to reach out for more help, Special thanks to Allen Levine for he continuous Follow up.

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